My Work produces the podcast and WRUU radio broadcast for First Baptist Church of Savannah, GA. A sample of that work is below.

Click here the listen to the WRUU broadcast of First Baptist Church of Savannah from July 1, 2018 I chose this episode because it has one of my favorite hymns “God of the Ages, Whose Almighty Hand”. It showcases the rear pipes we have for our organ. They make a trumpet sound.

We air the Sunday 11am service every Sunday at 12 noon on WRUU 107.5FM and online at The only difference between the broadcast and podcast is that on WRUU the service must be 59 minutes long. There are times we fall short of that time and I add extra music, there are also times when we go over 59 minutes when I have to cut things out of the service.

Other shows are currently in production. Check back soon for more. If you have an idea for a podcast or radio broadcast contact Rich Wheeler at (912) 388-1883 or

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